Tricks & Tips

How to Enable/Install Telnet Client

Follow these steps to Enable/Install Temnet Client on Your Windows OS.

1.Press “Windows+R ”

2.Type in “control panel” (Without Quotes)

3.Navigate to Programs and Features .

4.Follow this Capture.JPG



How to Super Hide Files/Folder in One Step

Want to hide private data in one step. (Nope its not right click–>properties–>Hidden.)

  1. open CMD (Either press “win+r” key type in cmd –> press enter or press “shift+rightclick”–> Open command promt here.)
  2. type in command  “attrib +h +s“(without quotes) and drag your folder (infront of command)
  3. Done!

Screenshot for more info.

Folder properties

(+a +r ) are optional attributes.


                                             ::How Can I Access Again::

Method 1:

      1. Type in folder path in adressbar eg.”C:\Temp\test”

Mehod 2

  1. Follow this screenshot click —>Change folder and Search option


  More Attribute options and Explanation.


attrib [{+r|-r}] [{+a|-a}] [{+s|-s}] [{+h|-h}] [[Drive:][Path] FileName] [/s[/d]]


+r   : Sets the read-only file attribute.

-r : Clears the read-only file attribute.

+a : Sets the archive file attribute.

-a : Clears the archive file attribute.

+s : Sets the system file attribute.

-s : Clears the system file attribute.

+h : Sets the hidden file attribute.

-h : Clears the hidden file attribute.

[ Drive : ][ Path ] FileName   : Specifies the location and name of the directory, file, or set of files for which you want to display or change attributes. You can use wildcard characters (that is, ? and *) in the FileName parameter to display or change the attributes for a group of files.

/s   : Applies attrib and any command-line options to matching files in the current directory and all of its subdirectories.

/d   : Applies attrib and any command-line options to directories.

/?   : Displays help at the command prompt.





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